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Square Enix, the creator of Final Fantasy has teased the Apple Watch owners with a RPG that is called “Cosmos Rings”. The developer has showed on its website a drawing of an arm wearing an Apple Watch smartwatch. The name of the game overlays the beautiful blue-and-purple artwork and below are offered details that “Cosmos Rings” will come soon to Apple’s wearable.

The role-playing game will be available through the Watch App Store, but it’s not sure when it will be released. Square Enix hasn’t even said something about the gameplay, leaving fans in the dark. However, on the Japanese website Gamer were posted screenshots from the game, to give us an idea about how the game will look like, but we can’t guarantee that those images are legit.

Square Enix is still working on the game and it might make some changes until the Cosmos Rings” will have the final form. Apparently, the game will be released only for the Apple Watch, as the developer hasn’t mentioned anything about Android Wear or other platforms.

Apple’s smartwatch is available in two variants of AMOLED screens with diagonals of 38mm (1.33-inch), supporting 272×340 pixels at 326 dpi and 42mm (1.5-inch), supporting 312×390 pixels at 326 dpi. Because the screens are very small, they might not support intense RPG, because it will be hard to tap on them and control actions. Plus, the battery doesn’t last to long either. The smaller model has a 205 mAh battery, while the bigger model is powered by a 246 mAh, and the average lifespan is a full day on a single charge.

We can speculate that the game will require the smartwatch to connect to an iPhone app or to its built-in GPS and to offer a Pokémon Go similar experience. We just need to wait patiently until Square Enix will come with more information about the upcoming game.