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Mozilla has finally confirmed that Adobe Flash Player will be blocked by default on Firefox once the version 48 of this application will be released. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the Adobe Flash Player will not “live” inside the upcoming Mozilla Firefox version 48.

In other words, the new browser version will only block Adobe’s Flash Player by default. However, whoever will want to keep using this player on the Firefox version 48 will still be able to do it. Other big companies are already switching to HTML5, especially because Adobe Flash Player comes with many bugs and vulnerability issues. Google has already blocked Adobe Flash Player and YouTube has already switched to HTML5.

In 2017, Mozilla has promised that it will enable a “Click To Activate” button, which will allow you to use Adobe Flash Player only if you will manually activate it. At the same time, the company will block Flash content that is not essential to users’ experience. However, it is not sure when Mozilla will actually make this move, but it will surely happen next year.

Adobe has been trying to fix a good amount of issues and bugs from its Flash Player, but it seems that this player is too bugged and it is also too late for the company to solve all the vulnerability issues. In other words, it is just a matter of time until all websites and web browsers will use HTML5. Once this will happen, the web browser environment will be more stable and safer than ever before.

It is good to know that Microsoft is also planning to block Adobe Flash Player from its Edge browser. According to reports, this will most likely happen once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released.

What are your thoughts about the Adobe Flash Player?