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The Combat Update is one of the largest updates to ever be added to Minecraft; it was released for the PC in February and Mojang still hasn’t commented on when the update will be coming to console versions of the game.

Updates for the console versions have been slowly released which bring this version closer to the PC edition of the game; while the Combat Update was never released, Battle Mode has been added to the game.

Battle Mode is exclusive to consoles and pits players is a battle to the death in a Hunger Games style mini-game; similar gamemodes exist on PC private servers and are very popular with users. Unlike the PC version, Battle Mode allows 4 players to play locally though split-screen.

There has been no more news about console updates but there should be more combat focused mini-games coming in the near future. Fans are currently debating what other modes could be coming to the game and many suggest that more popular modes from PC private servers will be re-created for the console editions.

Currently the console versions of Minecraft seem to be moving away from the PC version which would be a large shift in the focus of the console editions.

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