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Pokemon Go is the most discussed topic in the world. Millions of fans are playing it daily, they’re wandering the streets to catch creatures and they’re taking screenshots of the Pokemon that they add to their collection. On social media websites, there’s a real competition between players who like to brag about the monsters they catch in the real world. Microsoft is aware of the magnitude of this phenomenon and it surprised the OneDrive users with a new update that includes a new feature: Poke detector.

Pokemon Go players who have installed OneDrive app on their phones can activate the camera upload feature and when they take screenshots of Pokemon, they are automatically saved to the cloud. Also, the name of the Pokemon from the images will be tagged so that players will easily find a specific pocket monster from the total number of 151 creatures, by simply typing in their name.

The new update to OneDrive has another feature that’s capable of recognizing when players take multiple pictures in a certain location, in a short period of time, so it automatically selects the ones with the best quality and it adds them to an album. Later, the app notifies users when the album is ready to be viewed on their mobile devices.

Other changes that were made to OneDrive include the addition of searching capabilities from the All photos view, allowing users to search for images by subject matter, location and emoji. However, when visiting the websites, you’ll travel into the past with the “On this day” view, which will show you images that you’ve taken over the years, on that day.

If you’re using the OneDrive mobile app on your phone, you’ll get the update in the next few days, as it will roll out in phases.