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The summer update for Clash of Clans has finally arrived however this update is not what fans were hoping for; this is a very small update and doesn’t touch on the issues that dedicated players were hoping for.

Clash of Clans players can look forwards to some new levels for Archer Towers and Giants. To level these up, players need to be Town Hall level 11 to upgrade their Giants and Archer Towers.

This is an incredibly small summer update even for Clash of Clans; it is somewhat understandable however. Supercell is a Finland based country and people there usually spend the entire month of August on vacation. With less than two weeks to go, it makes sense that the team wouldn’t want to put out a large update when most of the team will be unavailable to fix any issues.

It is expected that the team will release a much larger update in September which will hopefully address the current balance concerns that fans have.

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