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The new Call of Duty game will be released later this year and until then, fans have the new Black Ops 3 DLC to try out. The Descent DLC has been officially released for the PlayStation 4 now, it was released on July 12th; Xbox One and PC gamers will be annoyed to hear that there is no confirmed release date for them right now but rumors suggest it will be some time mid-August.

Descent is the third DLC pack for Black Ops 3 which includes a new chapter in the Zombies experience; this time, the Origins characters are pushed into another universe where Element 115 is causing chaos in a very different world.

With this update comes four new maps which each have a very unique theme and one of them is the re-made version of the classic Raid map from Black Ops 2. Players can fight through an isolated cryo-prison where the worst criminals are left frozen in time, the lost Viking village and also an arena where giant robots battle to the death.

So far the DLC has received a mixed response from PlayStation 4 users. The DLC should be released some time in August for Xbox One and PC players.