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Those who are hoping to find free solutions on how to jailbreak their 3rd generation Apple TV will be disappointed. As of today, there still haven’t been any breakthroughs in jailbreaking the ATV3, or at least any that has been reported. The successful jailbreaks so far are still for 2nd and 4th generation Apple TVs. Apple TV 3 owners can only hope that the developers who are working on a new jailbreak for the ATV3 are just keeping quiet with their progress for the moment because they want to share the good news with the world only after they have had a breakthrough.
When you jailbreak your ATV, you get to enjoy more possibilities with your device because you don’t have to be limited with the media and apps in the iTunes store. You also get to add weather and slideshows to the main menu of your Apple TV, hide menus, adjust screen saver settings, and do other customizations. You can even install a WebKit browser so you can do a quick Google search on television.

Since its first introduction to the market in 2009, the Apple TV has evolved a lot. The first generation device functioned simply as a gadget to sync content (which was limited to music and videos) from your iTunes library and watch it on your TV. With the second generation, there wasn’t a need for syncing anymore as you could stream music and videos from your Mac or iOS device using AirPlay. Other services were also introduced, such as streaming from iCloud, Netflix, and Now TV.

The idea of streaming was carried on to the 3rd generation, but was made even better. With the Apple TV 3, you can stream just about anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac device, including the whole screen. Or you could bounce content from your iPad or iPhone to your television using AirPlay. You could also display any photos you have in iCloud Photo Library, access Netflix or Now TV and other channels, buy or rent movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store, and play music with Apple Music Library, iTunes Match or Home Sharing.

With all these neat features of Apple TV, owners of the ATV3 can already enjoy a lot of possibilities with their television, even if they can’t jailbreak it yet. But, of course, those who want to enjoy even more features, media, and apps using their Apple TV 3 can only wait and hope to receive good news from jailbreak developers in the near future.

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