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The name of Google’s upcoming operating system is Nougat and it’s another sweet treat that not all fans have understood, as many of them were pretty sure that the developer will pick Nutella from the list of suggestions. Anyway, in March, Google has released the first Developer Preview, introducing new features that were tested on the eligible Nexus devices. The fifth Developer Preview included the APIs (API level 24) for the upcoming platform that’s expected to be released this fall.

Google has already prepared Android users for the arrival of Nougat, and it updated the Google Keyboard app in Google Play, which includes new emoji, colored themes, background images and keyboard toggler.

As for the Android N Developer Preview 5, which is the final preview for developers before Google will roll out the new OS to the public, it includes: System images for Nexus and other preview devices; An emulator that developers can use for doing the final testing of their apps to make sure they’re ready; The final N APIs (API level 24) and latest system behaviors and UI; The latest bug fixes and optimizations across the system and in preinstalled apps.

In the past weeks, there were many rumors suggesting that Samsung will release its next Note 7 phablet with Android Nougat out-of-the box, but this is nearly impossible to happen, because the operating system hasn’t been officially launched, because it will run on the new Nexus smartphones that are currently under development.

Android Nougat will bring many new features. The new Vulkan 3D graphics API will allow developers to squeeze a lot more graphical detail into frames while lowering power consumption; the JTI Compiler will speed up app installs by 75 percent, and at the same time, it will reduce the compiled code size by 50 percent; Doze mode will be improved, as now includes a state that will be activated when the screen of the phone will be off for a period of time, but is not stationary.

Nougat will be more secure with file-based encryption and media framework hardening, and when updating the operating system, these updates will be downloaded in the background, without interrupting users from what they’re doing, and they will be ready to use on the next restart.

Other features include multi-window (Split Screen and Picture in Picture), Daydream (the new VR platform), Bundled notifications, Improved Java & language support etc.