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This week we’ve seen the launch of a new WhatsApp beta that features voicemail and call back features. These particular options have long been rumored to be implemented into WhatsApp and many leaked screenshots with the app suggested this.

However, at this point the features are part of a beta update and it will take a while until they are part of a final and hopefully bug free build.

If you are interested in trying out these features, you’ll have to apply to the Google Play WhatsApp beta testing program and download the beta or, you can also download it form APK Mirror. Once you install the WhatsApp v2.16.189 beta, you can try making a call to a friend and don’t worry if they don’t have the beta as well, they don’t have to. It will work anyway.

If the person you made the call to hangs up or they don’t pick it up, you will see a message on the screen notifying you that that person either declined or missed (or maybe ignored) your call. WhatsApp also offers you three options from that moment on which are: Call Back, Record Voice Message and Cancel.

Of course, the Call Back option allows you to call the person again, the Cancel option closes the whole calling screen and the Record Voice Message option refers to recording a voicemail and sending it to the respective contact.

Another awesome feature that WhatsApp got this week is a new font that is useful for sending snippets of code. Prior to that, WhatsApp introduced document sharing on WhatsApp Web and app versions for Windows and OS X.

Other features expected to make it into the final build are video calling, larger emojis, improved music sharing, and links with group invites. The Video Calling feature has been seen recently while testing the beta version.