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Although the preview for Android N (Nougat) has been released and the final build will soon be launched as well, there are still many mobile devices out there that haven’t even received the Android Marshmallow update – the last final build OS released by Google.

This is usually a problem that relates to how fast carriers can launch OS upgrades that also have certain carriers specific changes made to them.

The latest device to get the Android M update is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, but it refers to those users whose mobile carrier is T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has stated on its official page that the update came to the devices earlier this week, however, some users will get it later. If you haven’t gotten the OTA notification and want to know if you’re one of those users that got the update sooner, you should check your device’s update options.

You can get the update by going to Settings, then to General Tab and refreshing the About Device panel. Alternatively, you can update the Galaxy Tab S2 through the Samsung Smarty Switch.

The update is immense so T-Mobile recommends that your Galaxy Tab S2 should have at least 50% battery life and to make sure that you have a stable data connection.

If the update was successful you should see it in the Settings tab as Android 6.0.1 and the baseband version should be T817TUVU2BPF1.

Prior to T-Mobile’s launch of the Android Marshmallow update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, other carriers like AT&T also updated the same phone model as well. There are rumors that the next smartphone model to be updated to Android Marshmallow is Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and that it will happen sometime in September 2016.

It’s also possible that the update will coincide with the release of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7.