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In the last couple of years, technology has become more and more accessible, as flagship phones have become cheaper and cheaper. OnePlus 3 is such an example, offering great features for a little less than $400. Things are pretty much the same with its rival Galaxy S7, which is also a top-tech device. But what if you were to choose between them? Let’s have a look at their specs!

When it comes to design, the OnePlus 3 has a aluminum one, with a unibody shell. This is a new thing for this series, since it previously used sandstone textures on the phone back. Though the previous look was more practical, aluminum offers it indeed some style and some premium aspect. Meanwhile, Samsung follows its tradition of choosing glass and metal for their phones.

Another innovation for OnePlus is the fact that it uses a Type C USB, while the S7 still as the microUSB as they always did. However, the charging port for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a Quick Charge one, version 2.0, which means you have to wait a little more than one hour in order to completely charge your phone.

Samsung definitely wins the round when it comes to the display used, with OnePlus sporting an AMOLED screen with a 1080 pixels resolution. This doesn’t get even close to the one used by Samsung. Though it’s not a bad screen, you can’t really call it a flagship one, especially if you compare it to the 1440 pixels Super AMOLED screen used by Samsung. It looks amazing and the same does the Edge version of the S7, which is curved, but still keeps the same good quality. All in all, they both are great phones, each with ups and downs, but it all depends on your specific needs for a smartphone.