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A few days ago, Xbox beta app for Windows 10 has received a new update that brought new features and these features are now coming to the regular Xbox app. So, according to the change-log, besides performance and bug fixes, this new update adds support for Twitter share, the option to edit and share GameDVR clips with third-party editors and other changes, but more about them we’ll tell you below.

In the new update of Xbox One for Windows 10, which is version 19.19.200000.00000, there was brought a new top PC Games section; top PC game support, including online presence and game hubs; better suggestion engine for friends; the ability to customize your profile-enhanced and to see your Xbox friends in the People app on Windows.

Xbox app update on Windows 10 with version 19.19.200000.00000 is available to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, and it will be released alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, that will come on August 2.

As for the Xbox One console, it seems that Microsoft is planning to enable Windows 10 applications to run on it and it already prepared universal apps for Netflix and MSN Weather. Both of them can be installed on Xbox One consoles only if users install the latest preview software, and soon, a Groove Music update will be available as well.

Universal applications will run on all devices that have Windows 10 installed on them, so their developers don’t need to make adjustments in terms of screen resolution. The aforementioned applications will run on both PCs and Xbox One consoles, but developers can adapt them to fit larger TV displays. At this point, there aren’t many third-party Windows 10 applications that can be installed on the Xbox One (in preview), but when the Anniversary Update will roll out to consoles, in two weeks, more apps will be added to the Xbox Store.