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Pokemon Go is the new game that everyone’s talking about. This game has connected people all over the world, who are now chasing Pokemon on the streets, in parks or near rivers. Newbies become addicted to this game pretty fast, but they don’t have enough patience to collect as many Pokemon as possible, then train them and prepare them for battle. So, any tip that helps them level up faster is very useful for them. Today, we’ll give a list of tweaks, tips and cheats that are available for players who own an iPhone or iPad.

PokePatch is a tweak that can be used on jailbroken iOS devices, allowing users to avoid the jailbreak detection that was added into the codebase of the game. By downloading this tweak from, iOS users are able to install Pokemon Go on their devices without ony problem.

PokemonGoAnywhere is another jailbreak tweak that will save players from exploring the surround environment, so they won’t need to actually get out of their house and wander the streets. They will get the tweak from and they’ll cheat the game.

FlappyGo can be found here: and it can’t be used to cheat, but to help players relax while the servers are offline due to overload. This is actually a game that can be played without leaving Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Lock ( will allow users to play Pokemon Go directly on the Lock Screen. This means that users will no longer need to enter the password and unlock their devices, then to launch the application.

Poke Radar will be available for Android soon, and it features a crowdsourced map that helps players to easily find Pokemon in their area.

There’s another application canned Gyms And PokéStops that provides the location of these two places, and it also helps players to find rare Pokemon more easily.

Pokemon Go Battery Saver is necessary for preserving precious energy and it can be installed on any iOS device, which doesn’t have to be jailbroken.