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There is a new version of Gorilla Glass promised for iPhone screens that it seems to improve the resistance to impact for the specific devices. This new glass for covering the phones has a special formula that enhances protection from height drops and shocks. Corning has been testing and testing the material over and over in order to recreate the conditions of daily use and dropping conditions. According to them, the new screen can survive 80% of the cases when it is dropped face-down from 1.6 meters (which is 5.3 feet) on very rough surfaces. Previously, the testing was done on smoother surfaces and drops from one meter.

Currently, this new version of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is available for designers and manufacturers all around the world. As such, we should be expecting devices that incorporate this new technology to appear towards the end of this year.

The previous version, Gorilla Glass 4, was launched back in the fall of 2014 and it focused more on resistance towards sharp edges. Though Apple is extremely discreet when it comes to the sources of their components, it is a known fact that they have been incorporating Gorilla Glass screen on their iPhone models ever since the launch of the series.

The secret resides in the fact that they use sapphire glass, as you can see in the iPhone cameras, Touch ID sensors, Apple Watches and so on, which are different than any other devices. This particular type of glass is 1.6 x heavier, it lets less light to pass through, but it is also 10 x more expensive than the own Gorilla Glass type normally used by Corning. No wonder that the quality of the phones is definitely better and they are more resistant.