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Facebook will soon run longer live broadcasts, more precisely, up to four hours per session, which is actually double the live broadcast length it was capable off at the beginning of Facebook Live.

The update that will enable Facebook to reach this broadcast length will roll out sometime soon and the doubling of the broadcast hours was a result of people requesting it from Facebook. And Facebook complied.

Apart from the 4 hours per session improvement, the update will also add video-only and fullscreen modes. Right now, the Live videos have a square aspect ratio that leaves room for comments.

After the update rolls out, videos will be seen in fullscreen even on smartphones, and on iOS devices videos will be seen either in landscape mode or portrait mode. Unfortunately, Android based devices will only have the portrait option, but the landscape option will be added later this month, according to Facebook. Not only that, but it will also allow two people to stream simultaneously in different locations per session.

The Video-only mode promises to offer viewers a better experience by actually hiding the comments and reactions during a live broadcast which can be a distracting factor. If you want to broadcast something live on Facebook and you want to hide the comments, all you have to do is to swipe right on the screen. If you want them back, just swipe left. It’s that easy!

The update started rolling out today, but not everybody will get it this fast. In fact, The Next Web stated that owners of Android and iOS based devices will get it sometime in next few weeks. So you’ll just have to wait a little longer.

The update suggests that Facebook is trying to improve many aspects of its livestreaming system as there are a lot of competitors with better livestreaming services. In this sense, Facebook also added MSQRD – an app that allows people to take videos with various effects, masks and filters.