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WhatsApp has released a new update for their Windows Phone users, and it turns out it is a pretty important fix that will make Windows users of the app very happy. The update fixes the problem of connectivity losses which affected Windows users who were using the app on their PC. The WhatsApp Web bug interrupted the connection between phones and servers, and this resulted in messages suddenly not being sent or received in the middle of conversations. This issue even affected some iOS WhatsApp users.

Windows users of WhatsApp had to unlock their phone, launch the app, and open the conversation again so that a fresh connection could be established between the mobile device and server. This would ensure that the messages would be synced in the correct order.

With the released fix, the bug should no longer be there. Windows users of the social media app just have to download the update in the store and they can proceed to happily chat with their friends and family again through WhatsApp on their PCs. The update can be downloaded for free by those who are already using WhatsApp on their Windows phone.

This latest update will definitely make Microsoft and Windows phone users happy. The interest in Windows phone is dwindling and is reported to be at its lowest. Microsoft continues to tweak the software in hopes of making it more competitive with iOS and Android devices. Windows 10 Phone users are eagerly awaiting the introduction of several new features that will come with the Redstone 1 update due this August.

Even if the Windows phone is said to be a dying breed, WhatsApp continues to support it. The Facebook-owned social media app is known to release new features and improvements regularly. WhatsApp users should stay alert on the release of the latest version so they can update and enjoy using the new features of the app.