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More users of WhatsApp can now enjoy using another font. The social media company has rolled out a new type of font called FixedSys. It is similar to the font Microsoft uses in most of its Windows applications, like Notepad.

This new font type was first spotted in the WhatsApp Android Beta v2.16.179. But now, there have been reports from users of the stable version v2.16.133 and the iOS beta version claiming the new textual style can also be used in those versions. This means that the messenger app has most likely rolled out the new font as a server level update.

You can use the FixedSys font in WhatsApp by keying in the ‘ symbol three times before and after a word. So if you want to write the word awesome, for example, you need to write it as ”’awesome”’.

The Facebook-owned social media app is known to roll out regular updates. The recently launched update of WhatsApp messenger lets you also use the strong, Strikethrough, or Italics textual styles. It also recently released a feature where you can quote someone’s message and reply to it, a pretty handy feature when you’re in a WhatsApp group with a lot of members. There have also been reports that the app is going to be able to support GIFs in its iOS version pretty soon. One of the biggest changes that the social media app has rolled out this year is the end-to-end encryption feature on all calls and chats, and this was happy news for some people in the tech community. This encryption feature is also being tested by Facebook in messenger.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps today, with an estimate of 100 million voice calls daily and more than 1 billion active users. So news about the app not being able to function in old smartphones by the end of 2016 was sadly received.