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Unfortunately for Brazil users, WhatsApp has been temporarily suspended for the third time this year, as the developers have refused to hand over information requested in a criminal investigation, but Supreme Court has lifted the blockage, as “The suspension of service apparently violates the fundamental precept of freedom of expression and communication.” Now that the ban was lifted, users from Brazil who are Beta testers on the Google Play store, can download the latest WhatsApp 2.16.189 beta update.

WhatsApp 2.16.189 beta weighs in at 26.79 MB and it brings bug fixes and performance improvements, but no new feature. Two days ago was introduced the two-factor authentication, which was not activated and the developers have promised to enable it sometime soon. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that allows users to log into their WhatsApp accounts using a password as the single factor of authentication, while the second factor that makes the account more secure involves entering a code that’s sent to the phone via a text message.

For now, we have no news regarding the Video calling feature, but we must remind you that a new font has been recently introduced and which is called FixedSys. By adding ’’’ before and at the end of the text, it will make it look expanded, with a small space between letters.

In order to install WhatsApp 2.16.189, Android users must become beta testers on the Google Play store and once they are enrolled in this program, they have access to the latest beta updates that WhatsApp is releasing. If they prefer the old way to get WhatsApp beta updates, they can download the latest APK from WhatsApp’s official website or from trusted sources such as APK Mirror.

We must warn you that beta updates may come with bugs and glitches, but if they’re reported on time, the developers will be able to fix them as soon as possible.