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The best-selling laptops this year are Samsung Notebook 9 and MacBook, the version with 12 inches. They were launched quite recently and many people were excited about them because they are thin and light, just how we like our technology these days. They are very similar when it comes to their design, but what’s inside really makes the difference between one shopping decision and another.

Probably the Apple device can be called the thinnest ever, with its 12 inches. It’s only 13.1 mm thick, so you can carry it around anytime if you’re always on the go. But the Samsung is not bad either. It’s just a little bit thicker, having 13.3 inches and being 13.4 mm thick. Samsung also offers its fans another version, a 15.6 inches laptop with 14.5 mm thickness. However, both are very light.

The MacBook has a display that includes IPS technology, which is 2304 x 1440 pixels resolution and it’s also LED backlit. Meanwhile, Samsung goes for 1080p screens, which is not a bad choice either.

However, it seems that Apple made some compromises regarding the performance of their device. It has a M5 core processor that can boost the device up to 2.7 GHz. It also has 512 GB storage and 8 GB of onboard memory. At the same time. Samsung Notebook 9 sports an Intel Skylake-U processor, 4 or 8 GB of RAM and you can choose between a 128 or 256 GB SSDs.

As to the battery, the MacBook has a 41.4 Wh battery that resists around 11 hours (in video playback) and 30 days if you keep it in standby. Samsung doesn’t offer the same quality when it comes to this, since it only has a 30 Wh battery that lasts 10.5 hours.