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During the past years, gamers have really been kind of spoiled with all the game consoles. In 2012 they started to enjoy the Wii U, which is the current series of video game consoles released by Nintendo. Ever since then, people all around the world got the chance to play a lot on consoles such as PS4 by Sony and Xbox One by Microsoft. Starting with 2013 though, the console market has been quite stable, since Xbox One and PS4 overcame the Wii U sales.

Nintendo is now ready to get back in business and bring something totally new. We have the official confirmation that Nintendo NX is a real thing and it will be released. As it seems, we will be hearing more all throughout 2016 about this NX.

Truth be told, things have been kind of rough for Nintendo lately. They had to fight the rising smartphones on one side, the expensive and more powerful consoles on the other and so on. To this, they replied with creating My Nintendo and Nintendo accounts. These accounts let you manage the console acquisitions and control your gaming on several devices, including platforms dedicated to smartphones. In fact, there is actually an app for iPhone and Android phones, called Miitomo.

As it seems, Nintendo is ready to do away with Wii and move on. The NX, as the president of the company declared, it’s a totally new experience and a different type of console. It definitely isn’t an upgrade of the Wii or Wii U, but a totally new console, the president declared, underlining the fact that they are overcoming the previous platform and limitations. However, people are wondering whether that means the previous games will also be left behind or they will be kept.