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We’ve probably heard about every conceivable problem provoked by playing Pokemon Go. In fact, there are so many incidents related to this game from murders, to people not paying attention to driving, to players finding corpses or Pokemon in very inappropriate places, that it’s very possible that this game will be the harbinger of the Apocalypse! We’re just kidding, but it does have the potential.

And the latest problem the game ‘caused’ is one that affects a different type of gamer. Apparently, the Minecraft Pocket Edition update for Windows 10 has been delayed and only Google Play users can actually try it at this point. Why has it been delayed? Because, to quote Mojang representatives, the work force at Mojang is being distracted by playing the game intensively. Mojang also made it clear that the Minecraft Pocket Edition update for Windows 10 won’t be coming to Windows 10 users now, but in a future update.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition update for Windows 10 comes with many tweaks and bug fixes under the patch 0.15.3. Some of the tweaks refer to the atlas generation, the mouse controls, Realms purchase functions, horse breeding and block moving that now work more consistently. Some text alignments were also fixed.

The bug fixes relate to many problems. One of them is related to the inability to open the inventory when a player mounted a horse or pig and it has been fixed. Another problem that has been fixed relates to the friends’ list that is cleared once they sign out. The zombie pigment now spawns with the right textures in the desert biomes. The fall damage for horses and items duplication on fences have been fixed and many more.

We guess players will just have to wait for the update to reach their devices and the only thing they can blame it on is Pokemon Go.