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Sale of MacBook Pro has significantly dropped since many consumers are waiting for the release of MacBook Pro 2016. Unfortunately, they may have to wait a little bit longer. This leaves everyone wondering about what’s causing all the delay. Steve Jobs is probably turning in his grave.

Rumor has it that the delay is due to the 3.5 mm headphone jack port that will be replaced with a Lightning port. But there are also reports that Apple is holding off the release of MacBook Pro 2016, because they want to get rid of the older models, especially those that didn’t come with the Retina display.

How they plan to remove them is not so clear. But they probably won’t get a lot of help from consumers, as they are already waiting for the new model to be released, rather than buy older models, even when their prices have dropped.

And why would they when the MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to have some impressive features?

It is said to be sleeker than the old one, which means better and more sophisticated. Why settle for anything less? It’ll also have an OLED display touch bar, 4 USB-C ports and 4G connections. It may be a bit disappointing that it will have the same screen resolution as the existing 12-inch models on the market, but who knows what other screen specs will come out with the next MacBook Pro 2016?

And because the next series of Mac laptops will include Apple Pay, the new MacBook Pro is likely to have a Touch ID sensor.

Will the MacBook Pro 2016 be released soon because of declining sales? Let’s find out.