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This May Google announced that Play Store and lots of apps would be available for Chromebooks all over the world. Many people rejoiced when they heard that, but not everybody knows interesting details about this.

2011 was the year when the first Chromebook was launched, which is a Chrome operating system based on cloud. Ever since then, they have been quite successful and gathered an impressive fan-base. Actually, they have recently surpassed the MacBook devices and they occupy the second place in the top of best-selling computers in 2016. Soon, they will enable users to use it for even more things than they do now.

Finally, after all this time, Android apps will be working on Chrome OS. Now these budget devices are even more useful than they were until now and offers lots of possibilities, if you only think about the fact that more than a million apps will be running on them.

As it seems, the dream of the company to have a simple, fast and safe OS in order to create very cheap laptops for millions of people is coming true. The release of Chromebook Pixel lowered the price threshold for many devices. The hardware you could find on smartphones with 11/13/15 inches screens for low prices (from $199 to approximately $299) was used for these types of devices, so you could buy a laptop for only $999. The second model of Pixel, released in 2015, also for $999, became a tough rival of MacBook Pros. It was liked by many people with its strong processor, aluminum frame, HD display and Type C USB. It is indeed one of the best Chromebooks you could have, but it was quite limited until this summer, when Google Play Store and lots of apps will be available for it.