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With all the hype surrounding the recently released Pokemon Go game, it’s very possible that some of you have forgotten that there is another Pokemon game that will be released on the 18th of November, 2016: Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Yesterday morning, a game trailer was released showcasing six new Pokemon and all of them are adorable.

Alongside the trailer, a website entitled Pokemon Global Link was updated in order to provide service exclusively for the upcoming game.

The website is designed to connect all of the players from around the world that are true fans of the Pokemon series and it previously had features and services for other Pokemon games in the series like Omega Ruby, X and Y and Alpha Sapphire.

Very soon Pokemon Global link will introduce Friendly Competitions, a new feature that will enable players to host their own original competitions with any rules they consider fit. There will also be two types of these Friendly Competitions: Live and Online.

The Live Friendly Competitions can be played amongst friends that are in the same space. A QR code will be generated by the Digital Player ID and players can join that game after scanning the QR code.

The Online Competitions are played over the internet and they work like this: players are matched to fight with an opponent randomly. The competitions can be between trainers from all over the world and only pre-approved trainers are allowed to participate.

As for the cute new Pokemon, here is some info about them:

Wimpod. An adorable bug/water type Pokemon with a Wimp Out Ability that allows him to run away and swap out for another creature in a battle.

Bounsweet. A Grass/Fruit Pokemon that gives off an aroma with a calming effect for humans.

Comfey. A fairy Pokemon that picks flowers and also has an aroma with a medicinal effect.

Mudsdale. A Ground-type, horse-like Pokemon with incredible stamina and power.

Bewear. A Strong Arm Pokemon who can give a crushing hug that can split an opponent in two.

Mimikyu. A Ghost/Fairy Pokemon that is constantly covered by a cloth. It can disguise itself to escape danger.