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Both Pokémon Go and Ingress were created by Niantic, but the latter was brought four years ago and has a different gameplay. We can say that Ingress was a successful experiment that helped Niantic to make preparations for Pokémon Go, which is also about collecting stuff in augmented reality. So, how do these games stuck against each other and which one is more interesting?


Pokémon Go is a free game that can be played on iOS and Android smartphones and in which players wander outside to catch Pokémon, then to train and send them to battle at gyms. There are, in total, 22 normal-type Pokémon that make up a total of 151 Pokémon (the original creatures, for nostalgic players) and players will find them on the map, but they depend on environments, because if you live in a city without a river or lake around, you won’t find a water-type Pokémon. Gyms are locations in real world that are also found on the map. Here, players train their Pokémon and send them to battle. Poké stops are places from where players buy items such as Poké balls or incubators, but they will use real money to convert to PokéCoins, the premium currency in this game.

Ingress is about capturing “portals” at places of cultural significance and linking them to obtain virtual triangular “control fields” in order to control geographical areas and to capture as many “mind units” as possible. Players are “Agents” who will decide to join one of the two opposing factions: the Enlightened – which believes that their actions will help humans to evolve, while the Resistance is fighting for humanity’s freedom, protecting people from Shaper ingression.

Community and Factions

Ingress Players who are part of one of the two groups will need to collaborate with other players from their team, and sometimes, they meet in real life, during special events organized for them. Pokémon Go is in its incipient phase, but players are more focused on their individual success and the only interaction with other players happens on the streets, when they all go hunting.

New players can’t compete with pros, but they are rewarded for partnering with high level players. In Ingress, higher level players are guarding their portals with objects called “resonators”, which can’t be destroyed by low level players. However, enemy portals can be hacked and destroyed with the help of strong players from organized communities. It’s hard to hit level 8 out of 16, but after that, the game is easier for players.

In Pokémon Go, players hit level 5 and only after that, they are allowed to train their creatures in gyms. Then, they have three factions to choose from: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.