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Microsoft has finally confirmed a new Minecraft update that is now available for both Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The new update comes with bug fixes and other tweaks that will improve the experience while playing this popular game.

The change log of the Minecraft version 0.15.3 for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition has been already published by Mojang and, below, you will be able to read about some of the changes that this new update comes with.

Bug Fixes

– You can now open the inventory while mounting a horse, pig, docket or mule;
– An issue that was causing your friend list to be cleared out when logging out has been fixed;
– The Nether brick fence has been fixed and attached to the cobblestone walls;
– The fall damage for horses has been fixed;
– By pressing X on the intro page you will sign-out;
– An issue that was causing item duplication on fences bug has been fixed;
– The observer block placement has been fixed;
– Some bugs were causing the pistons to crash, take power from wrong source, overwrite or have sync issues have been fixed;
– Some issues that were causing the game to randomly crash have been fixed;
– The position of zombie jockeys has been fixed;
– The gamers will be able to scroll through their friend list in the “Add Realm” window using the controller;
– The leaf and glass blocks will no longer go invisible when you will place them to pressure plates, carpet or accumulated snow.


– Tweaks to atlas generation;
– Some Realm purchase functions have been tweaked;
– The text alignment from the Multiplayer invite screen has been fixed;
– The horse breeding has been fixed;
– Small tweaks to mouse controls;
– The store screen layout will now scale better.

As you can see, there are no new features, but we have to agree that this new update is worth installing.

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