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The third beta of iOS 10 for developers has been released yesterday and it comes with new interesting features, but there are not as many as in the last update. However, iOS 10 starts to feel like a polished product and in this update, there are some improvements to Apple Music, Messages app, iCloud Drive and the lock screen, besides bug fixes and performance enhancements.

You Can Download From Safari/Mail To iCloud

Apple has introduced this feature in the previous beta, but it failed to work. The developers weren’t discouraged by this small failure and eventually, they made it work.

Rest Finger to Open Is Also Functional

Apple had trouble with this feature in beta 2, as it didn’t function correctly, but in the new release, users shouldn’t encounter any problem with it. The feature is found in the Accessibility section, and as its name suggests, its role is to allow users to unlock their devices by simply resting their finger on the home button (Touch ID) when the phone is awake.

Improve Activity – Health’s New Feature

Health app has a new feature and users are prompted to enable it when they open the application after installing iOS 10 beta 3. Its role is to send anonymous data to Apple, so that the developers can improve Health’s features on a user-by-user basis.

Siri Shows Third-party Apps That Work With It

In the new App Support section, under Settings > Siri, Siri shows the list of third-party apps that work with it.


In the previous beta update, users had encountered the annoying “Replying to messages from the lock screen” bug which could allow anyone to view messages and reply to them from the lock screen. This bug has been fixed and image previews are no longer square.

“Taptic” Feedback When Manually Locking An iPhone 6s/6s Plus

This feature is availably only for the latest iPhones. When manually locking older models, users will hear a sound.

Pokemon Go’s AR Mode Is Fixed

Great news for Pokemon Go players! The VR mode of this game has been fixed in the third beta of iOS 10.

3D Touch Quick Actions Have A New Share Option

Until now, the Share option was seen on the Home Screen only as an icon. In iOS 10 beta 3, the icon shows the full name of the application.

The Clicking Sound Of The Keyboard Is Back

Apple had removed the clicking sound in the second beta, but it brought it back in this release. Hopefully, it will stay.