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While it’s still unknown if Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air or the company will bring a successor this fall or next spring, other rival companies are building laptops that have a similar design and specs. Today, we’ll talk about Xiaomi’s upcoming notebook, which was spotted by on a spec sheet.

The name of Xiaomi’s upcoming laptop hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will come with an aluminum construction and tampered edges, and according to the leaked information, it will be powered by an Intel Core i7-6500U processor that will have a base clock speed of 2.5GHz, but the maximum supported speed is 3.1GHz, and will have a TDP of 15W. Rumors about the existence of the laptop appeared at the beginning of the year and a Core i7 processor was already taken into consideration as part of its internal configuration, but meanwhile, other rumors pointed out to an Intel Atom processor, which is much weaker and cheaper.

Either way, the processor will be backed by 8GB of RAM and there will be two variants of screen sizes of 11-inch and 13-inch. The device will run on Windows 10, not on Linux, as it was previously rumored, and the battery will be charged via a USB-C port. Xiaomi has preferred to avoid using a touchscreen, which helped the company saved a lot of money, but it’s not sure if the larger variant will have extra components or will be used the same components, but there will be more unused space inside.

Xiaomi hasn’t made any official statement about this laptop yet, but if you’re considering purchasing the MacBook Air, you’ll spend $899 on the 11-inch variant with a 1.6GHz processor and 128 GB of storage, while the model with 256GB of storage costs $1,099. The 13-inch variant with a 1.6GHz processor and 128 GB of storage costs $999, while the model with 256GB of storage is $200 more expensive.