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If you have picked up lots of Pokémons and now you are all ready to face the battle with them, it shows that you have already reached to the level 5 and it is the time that Trainer will now go to the gym. The upcoming things are that now you have to look at the clashes that you can triumph over. You can get it done casually too. You need to visit the nearby gym for this battle and start fighting it. There is some amazing tweak available for that that will help you in winning this battle.

This tweak is actually not any scum through which you can win the battle rather it is a beneficial or smart move through which you can trick the battle with whatever is happening on screen. You do not have to do many efforts rather just with the specific tactic you can catch that Pokémon and smash it.

How to do it: you have to check out the yellow light coming from your rival and duck it quickly. Now you have to make an attempt of your own and make it twice if you can. Continue this tactic till you comes out succeeding at every level and Pokémon has more life as compared to yours.

You just have to be quick while ducking the attack of rival. For that, you have to ensure that you have a fast internet connection with the latest phone model so that the game will run efficiently. If there would be any pauses, then you can hardly win it.

As per one of the gamer suggested that you have to avoid the rival’s attack two times because they normally attacks in twofold.

So, you see that nothing is as such as tricking here rather it is just the smart way of playing the game with excelling in the playing skills.  It is still unknown that whether it will be available in future as well or not, but for now, you can enjoy it to win the battles of Pokémon Go.