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Today we will talk about Nintendo NX, a console that has been announced last year, but which won’t be launched until 2017.

Nintendo said that its upcoming “NX” console will be a new way of playing games. This console will replace the Wii U, but aside from this, we don’t have too much information about it.

The Japanese multinational consumer electronics and Software Company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has decided to not discuss about the Nintendo NX during the E3 2016 that was held in Los Angeles in June 2016, as the company fears that rivals might copy it.

There are reports which say that the Nintendo NX will come with a new type of controller. A few months ago, someone who posted on the NeoGAF forums has reported that a patent filed by Nintendo is showing an oval touchscreen controller. It has two grips on the bottom and two large buttons are placed at their ends.

According to Geek website, this mystery console will most likely be a portable one that will feature a friendly controller which will be enjoyed by anyone who used to play games on tablets.

The Nintendo NX will most likely not use discs at all, as the controller patent mentions that the example system doesn’t provide an optical disc drive. In other words, the games will be purchased only digitally, from a virtual store.

There are high chances that the console will support virtual reality, as Sony is about to release its PlayStation VR this fall that will be supported by PS4 and PS4 Neo. At the same time, Microsoft is showing clear intentions about making its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio console VR-capable.

Nintendo said that it will reveal more information about its NX console sometime this year, but it didn’t mention when exactly.