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The jailbreak experts are never on the back foot when it comes to creating something new for the older versions of Apple. Just like developing some jailbreak for the iOS 9 from the iOS 10, you only have to give them the new features and they comes up with something exceptional.

While speaking of the established jailbreak communities, Cydia is already filled with the iOS 10 stuff prior to its release in iPhone 7. But, the features of iOS 10 are already showing up by the jailbreak community while Decorus is offering the users of iOS 9 to get the Control Center of iOS 10 in their devices.

In San Francisco, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2016), this Apple’s control Center was included in the top ten amendments that have been made in the famous gadgets. Although, the Control Center of iOS 9 was not bad in any way, but when it comes to Apple, then we can expect it to be better. In the iOS 10 Control Center, it is same as the previous just with the minor changes in the separate sections and some colors that makes the rotate and WI-Fi options more visible.

The revamped visuals are the foremost thing that Decorus shows off in the Control Center of iOS 10. The corners of the sectioned options are no more pointed ones rather they are now rounded with the perched style.

Not only that, now you can have a separate control center for your Music app, in which you can see the album title, song name, artwork, artist name, etc, by Decorus and it is designed as it is in the iOS 10. The configuration panel can also be reached via Settings panel that assists the users to make changes.

This Decorus Control Panel is an amazing opportunity for all those who are not in the position of purchasing the new iPhone or who cannot opt for changing their jailbreak feature in the phone. Decorus has brought some nice option for such users who are not in the condition to switch to iPhone 7 or iOS 10, just go to the Cydia and download Decorus from BigBoss repo without paying anything.