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The third updated beta version of iOS 10 is out in market by Apple while the final release will occur later in the year.

The beta release is said to be big, therefore Apple is concentrating hard on it while adding, removing, and tricking the test versions so that it could enhance the user experience. Many aspects and discoveries have been made in regard of third beta version of iOS 10 while the experts are in the search of more new ones.

Some of the findings are:

  • Device locking:

When the device of iOS 6s or iOS 6 will be locked, it will vibrate a bit that will indicate that the device is now locked. While using other devices, the voice notification will let you know that the device has been locked.

  • Touch ID:

There is nothing new with the Touch ID thing as this was also present from the iOS 9 days. But, Apple has decided to keep it and relaunched it with the iOS 10. With this Accessibility option, you just have to place your finger on the Home button and it will recognize the prints. So, no need to press the button every time.

  • Health:

The iOS 10 has got the Health app as well that will be sending the health related notifications to the users. The operating system will ask user whether they want to switch it on or not. This feature is present in the Settings app.

  • rapid actions:

While pressing on the app for longer will bring the option of share and its name. This was not present in the prior version of the iOS 10 before.

  • Siri and other apps:

In the settings of Siri, there is new feature provided that is called App Support. Here you can check that which application can link with Siri and from where your data is accessible.

  • Keyboard tunes:

In the first developer version of beta iOS 10 was initiated that sounded in muted popping, which was not in the second version while it was in the third version of beta iOS 10.