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We all know that the latest Android OS named Nougat, has been released as a preview and users are now debating over which device it will be featured on first. Most of them believe that Android Nougat will debut on the upcoming Nexus 2016 from HTC.

There is no official statement in this sense from HTC but tech bloggers have been posting info regarding two variants of the upcoming Nexus 2016 – the HTC Sailfish and the HTC Marlin. We don’t know why they have been named after fish with spear-like snouts but it’s an interesting concept that refers perhaps to the ability of the smartphone models to penetrate the market efficiently and be noticed in terms of performance and durability.

Other reports even mention a release date for the two models – August 2016. But that month is approaching very soon and it’s very unlikely that it will happen then. Furthermore, Android Nougat hasn’t even been released as a final build yet, just the previews.

There are also some rumors floating around about the upcoming Nexus devices’ specs and those suggest that the Marlin will come with a 5.5 inch screen with an AMOLED display and that the Sailfish will sport a smaller 5 inch screen with a 1080p display. Both devices will feature a Quad core Snapdragon processor plus 4 GB of RAM, a front 8MP camera and a 14 MP rear one.

In terms of battery, the Nexus Marlin is rumored to sport a 3450 mAh one, whereas the Nexus Sailfish will have a 2770 mAh one. What we can take from this is that the Nexus Marlin will be a bigger and more durable device than the Nexus Sailfish.

Of course, both devices are expected to run the Android Nougat and that is why many are awaiting any news on the subject from Google.