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Expanding its presence, the residents of 26 European countries can also now play Pokémon Go, the new sensation in mobile games by Niantic labs. The game was initially released in Australia, United States, and New Zealand, but now the reality prone game can also be played in the regions of Germany and United Kingdom along with other European countries.

With the boosting share prices of the Nintendo, the Pokémon Go game has become one of the most popular and victorious game of all time.

Many countries are unable to play this game officially, but as the Facebook Page of Pokémon Go has announced, the audience in Europe can now enjoy this game with greater delight.

The official statement said that:

“Now 26 new countries can enjoy Pokémon go in Europe. The countries include are Estonia, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Belgium, Latvia, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Finland, Malta, Slovakia, Ireland, Hungary, Norway, Greenland, Poland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Austria will be able to get Pokémon Go from their respective App Store or Google Play.”

As the new countries have added in to the list of countries that can now play Pokémon Go on their phones, but things will be not that smooth as we think they would be. The phenomenal game has so much traffic coming its way that log in issues and stuck servers are the daily problems. As the more countries have been added in, the increasing numbers of users have made it a problem to log in at the same time and get connected with the server to play the game.

The CEO of Niantic Labs has something to say on this that they want to expand their game to up to 200 countries as soon as the developers will solve the server related issues when the users increases. As this statement came out, the share prices of Nintendo shoots up by 10 percent that made its value to the $17 billion.

The release and expansion of the Pokémon Go is just a start and it will come up with more stuff once they will be done with its growth to the other regions.