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Gamers who don’t like Clash of Clans are playing Clash Royale, where they collect cards and duel other players. Fans who stick to CoC are envious because there are more characters in Clash Royal and Supercell is trying to please them by bringing a new update that comes with new characters and bug fixes.

Clash of Clans has been released in August 2012 for iOs and October 2013 for Android and since then Suppercell continued to update the game, by offering new content and fixes for issues that have been reported by players. Soon, new improvements will be made to the game and new characters will be imported from the other title, Clash Royale, especially after the addition of the Baby Dragon and Miner that were introduced in the big Spring update.

The current update has also a new friendly challenge mode that allows players to battle their friends and clan mates without being hurt and this is more like a training session that will be useful in future raids. Also, Supercell has brought a new skeleton spell which can be used to “summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield”.

A while ago, the developer has launched a survey and invited players to offer their suggestions for making the game better. From now on, players’ feedback will be taken into consideration and maybe soon, Clash of Clans will have armies and a “rest” option for castle troops.

Clash of Clans is not a bug-free game, but Suppercell is trying to fix as many issues as possible. The latest patch came with improvements to the troops and their damages and defense statistics, but there were also included code enhancements. Also, iOS users have reported that they experienced many glitches, as they were getting many annoying game-disrupting notifications.

We don’t know when Suppercell will release the next update, or if it will contain improved war modes, daily quests, heroes on offensive attacks, clan management and other suggestions offered by fans.