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Last week, Microsoft had to release four builds with fixes for many bugs for Xbox One Preview and this build is focusing only on fixes for launching games and applications and improvements to Cortana. Xbox One users will get build number rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160714-2120 and the update can be installed by going to All Settings, System > Console Info & Updates.

Users have complained about not being able to start game or application installation, after being added to the queue and that games were displayed as applications in My games & apps. Also, Cortana had an issue which sometimes caused it to fail to switch focus when snapped. The team from Microsoft has fixed these issues in the latest update for Xbox One Preview, but there are still other problems that are bothers fans.

For example, an “Unexpected error” screen appears when trying to launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard app or when reporting a problem. The Blu-Ray Player has also a bug that causes the screen to dim after a short period of inactivity when watching a video, and sometimes, players are unable to add PayPal as a payment option.

When it comes to profiles, users can choose their own Gamertag per account without being charged. Any future changes will be charged, but thanks to the new update, they will complete successfully, but when trying to purchase a Gamertag change, the Gamertag will not change, but the account will be charged. The developers are recommending users to visit if they want to successfully change their Gamertag. Also, it’s worth noting that when selecting “Add new” to add a new profile, users need to wait 30 seconds for the add profile to appear.

Players will notice that pins to movies, TV shows, or music will disappear from Home when that application is being updated. As for My Games & Apps, an error will appear when trying to load Ready to Install too many digital games and apps.