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If you own an old Symbian OS-based Nokia smartphone, we have some bad news for you, as WhatsApp will no longer support this operating system before the end of 2016.M Moreover, older versions of Android, Windows Phone and iOS will also stop receiving updates soon.

Symbian OS users have already been warned about this with a pop-up message saying that “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp after 31/12/2016 because WhatsApp will no longer support your phone.”

Unfortunately, we have the same bad news for owners of devices that run on BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10), Nokia Symbian S60, Nokia S40, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, iPhone 3GS/iOS 6 and Windows Phone 7.1.

The developers of WhatsApp have been forced to exclude the mentioned devices/OS because they are out-dated and they won’t be able to offer any kind of capabilities that are essential for expanding the WhatsApp application. In other words, the developers want to bring new features to the WhatsApp application, but they are somehow limited by the mentioned devices/OS. This means WhatsApp is forced to stop supporting them or it will fall behind other popular mobile messaging applications.

However, this is not something new, as the developers have made this announcement back in February 2016. In addition, the developers are suggesting owners of smartphones running on the three major mobile platforms to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Phone, iOS and Android, in order to receive future updates after the end of 2016.

There are also rumors saying that the developers will bring the Video Calling feature, which will be supported only by iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and newer Android OS versions. According to reports, once this new feature will be added to the WhatsApp application, there will be a good amount of people who will install the popular mobile messaging application on their smartphones.

Will you purchase a new smartphone in order to receive new WhatsApp versions after the end of 2016?

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