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Not everyone is obsessed with Pokémon Go, the location-based augmented reality game created by Niantic for iOS and Android users. People who want to try out an alternative game that’s called Ingress and which was developed by the same company. Below, we’ll tell you why the latter is superior and we’ll teach you how to play it.

First of all, in Ingress you won’t capture creatures, but “portals” at places of cultural significance and you’ll link them to obtain virtual triangular “control fields” over geographical areas. There will be two teams: the Enlightenment and the Resistance which will fight against each other for control of portals that are similar to PokeStops. It will be very hard to capture stronger Ingress portals and they will be created in higher-level game gear. Ingress teammates will need to work together and even to meet up in person, at least eight at a time. This way, they will build high-level portals and get items from them.

In Pokémon Go, players are on their own: they hunt creatures everywhere they go: on the streets, in parks, near rivers, then they train them and send to battle against other Pokémon. Ingress has a more complicated structure, and the creatures that appear in it are called Shapers, which are either an alien race or a mysterious phenomenon that’s trying to control people’s minds through “exotic matter,” an energy force. When connecting trios of portals together in triangle shapes, those fields control more “mind units” and if a team has the most mind units in each region, with active fields, it’s considered the winner.

Players will need to plan carefully, to coordinate and cooperate with their teams to make large fields, but they must make sure that the connections between portals don’t enter the territory of other connections. Either way, in real life, players who are part of the two teams are gathering a few times, each year, al over the world, in search of “anomalies” and these events are organized by Niantic.