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The latest augmented reality game from Niantic in partnership with Nintendo – Pokemon Go -has caused a lot of controversy in less than two week after its release with it being so incredibly addictive.

The game implies that players have to find Pokemon and catch them via their smartphones. But they can only find the Pokemon in certain places in the real world. Some reports have mentioned that people are already so addicted to the game that they play it even while driving.

According to a survey done by Survey Monkey, Pokemon Go is of now the biggest mobile game in the history of the US.

In fact, it has already beaten the Draw Something, Candy Crush and Clash Royale game apps in terms of how many millions of people are playing daily. By that we mean that 21 million people play Pokemon Go daily as opposed to Candy Crush’s 1 million users per day.

Pokemon Go has also now surpassed non-game apps in terms of daily usage such as Google Maps and Snapchat. It surpassed the Twitter and Tinder apps within days of its release.

So, with every going so well for the game, the next logical step for its developer is to take on in-app advertising much like they did in the case of Ingress, another augmented reality game from Niantic. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic has stated for the Financial Times that some of the locations featured in the app might be sponsored. This implies that some locations or businesses will pay to open up a different channel from the current ones designated for purchases that are found in the app.

At the moment, Pokemon Go can be played in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe, but some of the countries from the last two continents are still waiting for the game to be released.