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Since Pokémon Go has become so popular, there are a good amount of experienced players who are now trying to earn lots of real money by selling their accounts. The Pokémon Go players start with a limited power and evolve on the way. If you are a newbie who doesn’t have the nerves to “grind” in this game, then you will most likely want to purchase an account that has already a bunch of Pokémon.

On eBay and other websites, there are already advertisements about Pokémon Go accounts that you can purchase at a higher level and which come with a bunch of Pokémon. For example, someone has paid $100 last week for a level 12 Pokémon Go account. That person said that he doesn’t have as much time as his friends and he wanted to catch up with them. He added that he can catch Pokémon, but he doesn’t have a good amount of time to travel in order to catch them.

Another gamer has spent 15 hours collecting more than 300 in-game items and 50 Pokémon and it sold his Google account (that he used to log into the game) for $50. It seems that selling Google accounts are not allowed, but as long as Google doesn’t find it, you should not worry.

The prices will go even higher, as the game gets more popular. For example, a person who buys and resells World of Warcraft accounts said that he makes about $65.000 in profit annually. We remind you that selling account is not illegal in the U.S., but you might violate the terms of service of the game developers, which could ban your account for doing this.

Will you level up your Pokémon Go account or would you prefer to spend some real money and purchase a high-level account?

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