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The Pokémon Go game has received the first update. This is the first augmented reality game of the pocket monster series and it is seems that it became very popular in a very short period. The game has been released for iOS and Android smartphones and despite of the privacy concerns (if you log-in via Google you will notice that the game will request full access to your account), it is climbing to the top of Apple Store and Android Store.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has reported in the past that it is aware of the privacy issues and that will try to fix it as soon as possible. It seems that this happened quite fast, as this update that has just been released fixed all mentioned issue.

The Pokémon Go 1.0.1 can now be downloaded and installed directly from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. This new Pokémon Go version also fixes other issues, such as some random crashes that were happening while playing the game. In other words, the game is now more stable than before and it shouldn’t crash as before. Once you will start the new Pokémon Go version, you will be asked to “allow notifications”, which means that you will be alerted once a Pokémon is around.

However, it seems that the new Pokémon Go 1.0.1 doesn’t come with the trading feature. In other words, you will still not be able to trade your Pokémon with other players, which is one of the core part of the game, and hopefully it will be implemented soon, but let’s not forget that this game is still quite new and there are a good amount of players who don’t have too many Pokémon.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, said that the trading system is on the way and it should be implemented in the game in a future update.