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Despite the fact that Pokémon Go is new game, there are millions of people who are playing it daily. Unfortunately, this game is only available for Android and iOS smartphones, which means that if you own a Windows 10 Mobile, you’re out of luck. However, if you own a computer that runs on Windows 10 OS, we have some good news for you as today we’re going to guide you how to install this awesome game on your PC.

In order to play Pokémon Go on your Windows 10 PC, you will have to firstly download and install Bluestacks (an Android emulator). After that, you will have to download the following APKs:

– Kingroot
– Lucky Patcher
– Fake GPS 4.6
– Pokémon Go.

After the installation of Bluestacks is complete, you will need to disable the camera by heading to “REGEDIT” on your computer (Head to Start->RUN and type: regedit) and open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config (double click on camera and change 1 to 0).

Then, you will need to install Kingroot to Bluestacks by running it, and scroll to the bottom and click on “Try it”. Once the installation reaches 100%, you will have to click on “Optimize”. Now install Lucky Patcher on your Bluestacks and using it, you will be able to install Fake GPS 4.6. When it will ask you for a restart, choose “no” and close everything except for Bluestacks. Now close and open Bluestacks and install Pokémon Go APK file that you’ve downloaded.

Now, you will have to launch Lucky Patcher, click on the Search button from the bottom side, select “Filter” and sort as “System Apps”. You will be able to see Fake GPS app in there and to you will have to click on it in order to launch it. Once Fake GPS has launched, you will have to head to its Settings and make sure that the “EXPERT” mode is enabled. Now, just find a place on a map where you want to “virtually” be and finally hit the “Play” button. The map will not close and you will have to open Pokémon Go (you will need to use your Google account to sign-in), but make sure that you click on “NO” when the application will ask you to use your location.

Enjoy playing Pokémon Go from your Windows PC!