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Minecraft has been steadily releasing updates for the console versions and the latest one has been the Battle Mode.

Battle Mode marked an important moment in the evolution of Minecraft, by diverging from the PC version of the game. To make it more clear, the Battle Mode is exclusive to the console version.

At the same time, fans of the game are waiting for the Combat Mode Update on the consoles. The update was released a few months ago on PC but it’s taking its time to run on the console versions.

Battle Mode vs. Combat Mode

Many fans were pleased with the introduction of the Battle Mode, especially since it was an exclusive competitive multiplayer mode for the console version of the game. Most of the Minecraft playing takes place on maps and mods from servers that are only available to the PC Minecraft.

At the same time, Minecraft for PC is sill in the lead in terms of updated features and new and exciting playing modes. In fact, the Combat Mode for PC has brought so many engaging changes to the game that fans are anxiously waiting for its release on the Console Minecraft. The Combat Mode essentially redefined how the mining and combat features work and it expanded what players can do in the End dimension.

Furthermore, the PC Minecraft has already moved forward from the Combat Mode and is now waiting for the next update, Frostbite, which will roll out soon. This update will bring many new village mechanics, monsters and even polar bears.

All in all, everything that has happened suggests that Microsoft and Mojang – the company responsible for Minecraft – want the PC and Console versions of Minecraft to evolve differently and as often as possible by bringing newer content in order to maintain the player’s interest.