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The latest iOS 10 from Apple has many awesome features and many of them have been completely overlooked in the reviews for the OS. That being said, here are 5 of those features that you may want to test out because they are very useful in many contexts.

  1. Mail filtering options. We’re all used by now to searching for certain mails that we want to see, but the iOS 10 has the added ability to filter through the Mail app. Your filtering options are varied and they include: flagged, unread, if you’re the one they’ve been sent to or if you’re cc’d and if they have attachments.
  2. Hiding people in the Photos Album. The iOS 10 has a people identifying feature that comes in handy but it can also be used to block a certain person from your photos album, like somebody you don’t know or someone that has passed away or even an ex.
  3. Clear all of your notifications. The brand new OS now makes it possible to clear all of our notifications at once via a Clear All Notifications option found in the Notification Center.
  4. Per person read receipts options. The iOS 10 makes it possible for you to choose which people get that notification at the end of a message that they sent to you that you have indeed seen it. So if you want somebody you don’t like to not know that you’ve gotten their message you just set the smartphone to do that.
  5. Parking location. This one is incredibly useful when you’re out shopping or at a concert and when it’s time to get back to the car you can’t seem to remember where you left it. iOS 10 helps you with a feature that lets you mark where you left the car by placing a pin on your map and adding it to recent locations.