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Viber is an application that has been released back in 2010, which become quite popular in time. Last month, the application has also been released as a Universal Windows Platform application for Windows 10 devices. Well, it seems that the new Viber version 6.1 comes with a major feature.

The new Viber version application is now bringing Video Calling support on Windows, which means that you will be able to make video calling with HD sound quality with your family and friends.

The Viber application has over 700 million users worldwide, allowing its users to send messages, make HD voice calls all over the world. In addition, you can create groups where you can add up to 200 members, allowing you to share videos, stickers, links and more with all the members inside a group. As for the registration, your mobile phone number will act as your ID on Viber. In addition, the application will sync with your mobile contact list automatically and if it detects a contact from your phonebook, it will automatically add it to your friend list.

Using Viber Out you can also make “non-Viber” calls, but you will need to pay for this server. The Viber Out feature allows you to make voice call on mobile and landline numbers all over the world at very low rates.

Viber has more features than the WhatsApp application, but for some reason it seems that the latter currently has over 1 billion monthly active users. In addition, the WhatsApp application doesn’t have the Video Calling feature and if the rumors prove to be right, it will be added sometime in the near future. In other words, once the Video Calling feature will be brought to the WhatsApp application, there are high chances that it will “steal” some of the Viber users.