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Pokémon GO is the new most popular game and millions of people are playing it intensively. They’re wandering the streets in searching of Pokémon for their collection, catching water-type creatures near rivers or strong grass-type Pokémon in parks or near forests. The gameplay is simple: after capturing a Pokémon, the player trains it and sends it to fight against other Pokémon, but there’s a long way to this, so first, you must learn how to catch these things in the real world.

Use The Ingress Map To Find Rare Pokémon

In Pokémon GO, Pokéstops are located on real-world landmarks and all kinds of locations. Using the Ingress map, you will see white spots representing energy hotspots where there are high amounts of XM spots, so you can come across a rare Pokémon anytime.

In What Other Places Are Pokémon Spawning?

There are many great places where you’ll easily find Pokémon: in green areas (parks or gardens), near rivers and oceans, but there are also rough-terrain or mountain Pokémon. In you live in one of these regions and you’re going out Pokémon hunting, keep your eyes on the map, as it will tell you where to go. If you’re a night wandered, you have high chances to catch ghost-type Pokémon.

Footprints On The Map

When you see two footprints, it means that the Pokémon is very far from you, but one footprint means that you’re getting close to it and you should prepare your camera to catch it. This is like a “Hot or Cold” game, in which you’re told that a Pokémon is in your vicinity, or you must keep walking towards it. When you finally see a Pokémon on-screen, throw a Pokéball at it to capture it.

Notifications And Accessories

When playing Pokémon GO, you should use the notifications system, so you’ll be alerted when a monster is nearby. The phone will buzz/vibrate, but the application mustn’t be locked, as the feature won’t work in the background. However, if you don’t want to waste your battery fast, buy the $35 Pokémon GO Plus wearable that will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will flash LEDs when it will identify a Pokémon.