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iOS users who are brave enough to test out the public beta of the upcoming operating system will have the chance to play with the new features. Apple had plenty time to come up with something new to impress its users, but since this is the public beta of iOS 10, it may contain bugs that can affect its performance and stability. So, here’s what you’ll be able to do in iOS 10.

Sending A Visual Message

iMessage and Messages app have been improved, they received emoji that are three times bigger and you will see web links as rich media. In addition, you have the ability to add more effects to your message, by pressing the blue up-arrow from the right of the text field and to add fireworks or Invisible Ink. Users who will have older iOS versions won’t be able to see them.

Customizing Your Widgets

Widgets can be accessed by sliding right from the Home screen, but you can also find them in the Today view of Notification Center. We’re talking about widgets such as Weather and Calendar or third-party choices – Spring and VSCO. The list of applications that have been installed with a widget counterpart can be accessed by tapping “Edit” at the bottom of the widget page.

Asking Siri To Use Third-party Apps

Using your voice, you will be able to send messages via WhatsApp or to request an Uber, and Cortana will function with more third-party applications. By saying the right command to Siri, you’ll perform all kinds of tasks via these apps.

Hiding Native Apps

If you hated Stocks, you will no longer see it on your screen. In iOS 10, you’ll have the possibility to remove native app icons from the home screen, but apps will still be installed on your device, in order to make sure that iOS doesn’t crash.

Optimizing Music Storage

iPhones with only 16GB of internal memory are running out of space pretty fast, especially when users download song files from the internet. Apple will introduce a new feature that will tell users which song files are occupying too much space, so they can remove them. The feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Music > Optimize Storage.

Becoming An Organ Donor

Do a good deed and save someone’s life if there’s nothing that can be done to save yours. Become an organ donor by signing up to the National Donate Life Registry via the Health app.