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This augmented reality game has become a phenomenon in a very short time. It was awaited for millions of fans of the Pokemon series and most players are absolutely fascinated with this game and they’re spending a lot of time outside, hunting creatures. But others are objective and think that there’s room for improvements and they have in mind the perfect features that should be introduced in Pokemon Go.

More Avatar Choices

When joining Pokemon Go, players pick an avatar and customize it, but they have limited choices and many must settle for avatars that don’t represent them. It would be wonderful if the game would bring more avatar choices to please all types of players.

Social features

Pokemon Go players bump into each other on the streets, but they’re too busy hunting Pokemon and don’t interact much. They’re just strangers passing each other, but if the game will introduce an option to let people know when other players are nearby, maybe they will become friends. Also, a friend list would be awesome.


Players will be allowed to trade Pokemon with their friends, as Niantic has promised that it will bring this feature, but it’s not sure when it will be available. Either way, this would be a good opportunity for players to make offers more easily to their friends.


At this point, Pokemon Go has only gym fights, but some players want battles outside gyms, which would offer them a great social experience. So, the game should have tournaments in which rival friends or strangers would participate.

A More Reliable Tracking System

When a Pokemon is close, players see an icon looking like a footprint, while three footprints mean that the Pokemon are far away, but this confuses players, because the system doesn’t offer a precise distance. As a suggestion, the developers should provide a radius of where the Pokemon could be hiding.