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There are families with more than one child who are fighting over the same device to play their favorite game that’s downloaded from the Google Play store. Numerous families will no longer have this problem, as Google will introduce a new Family Library plan that will allow up to six people to share a single account, and the good thing is that this plan is totally free.

Apple has introduced its own family share plan in 2014, and it took Google two years to bring a similar plan. The Family Share plan will allow six people to use a single account on Google Play, and this is a totally different plan than the family option for Google Play Music, which was released in December and which comes with a $14.99 monthly subscription.

Thanks to the new Google Play Family Share plan, all six users will be able to share movies, TV shows, book and apps that were purchased from the store, via this plan, but this will be possible after the person who subscribes to Google Play as a family is authorizing the rest of his/her family members to access the same account. However, the administrator of the account will be only the user who subscribes as a family.

The advantage of being an administrator of the account is that he/she will hide inappropriate things from children and will input a credit card that will be used to make purchases. But he/she will be responsible for these purchases, also controlling which application, movie or TV show is being shared. Plus, it will be easy to keep track purchases, as the manager will receive receipts for each transaction.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t announced when the Family Library will be released, but we know for sure that it’s in the works and soon, users will open up a family account in the Google Play store and invite their family members in the Family section of the Account menu.