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In the newest versions of iOS, the Wi-Fi Assist is the option that shifts to the cellular data feature when Phone’s Wi-Fi signals are low or not available. With this feature of Wi-Fi Assist, the internet connection gets more trustworthy, however, the usage of cellular data amplifies, which results in the users’ choice to switch this feature off. Although, it is entirely the users’ choice that whether they want to keep the feature on in their phones or not while here are both the ways given for iPhone or iPad.

Another thing that most of the users do not notice is that how much of the data has been used when the option was enabled. Moreover, we generally do not notice it as Wi-Fi assist is not switched on manually until and unless you have a really bad connection. Users can assess the usage of their data when they switch on the Wi- Fi Assist option themselves.

Switched on or off the W-Fi Assist on your iPhone

Make sure that your iPhone has the Wi-Fi assist option because this feature has caused issues on the iPhone and on the iPads with the cellular features.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Settings app and click on Cellular. Sometimes, it is called as Mobile as well.
  • At the very down on this list, you will see the option of WiFi Assist that you can switch on or off as per your desire.
  • You have changed your desired settings, thus, you can exit from the Settings app.

In reality, the Wi-Fi Assist does not switch on until and unless your Wi-Fi connection is really down or pathetic. The usage or advantage of using Wi-Fi Assist varies from user to user as some wants to keep their phones connected all the time while others see it as an extra usage of cellular data.

If you think that you do not want to spare such amount of your cellular data, then with these simple steps, you can turn it off and stick to the Wi-Fi connectivity only.

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